Fun Mom Huh?

A while back a friend of mine said I was the fun mom. When I asked her why she said it was because I let the kids set up a tent inside the house. I thought to myself, I don’t wake up every morning and think, “What could I do today to be the fun mom?” But what if I did? What if I woke up this morning and thought, “What can I do to make today awesome!?”..our day might just become…Brighter!

This morning was exactly one of them days…the kinda day when you wake up and just want the day to be fantastic. The weather was gorgeous, I felt great and I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate the sunshine!

We started our day (after lessons of course!) by going to the library, one of our favorite places! Little Guy picks out this great bag of goodies that has books & toys related to a safari adventure! He was very excited to put together the little puzzle toys the kit came with. First we put them together the right way, then we had fun putting them together the wrong way! That was fun!


After lunch we did the coolest craft! Pictures are worth a thousand words!


The only story this picture doesn’t tell is how the kids all squealed and giggled while I was dipping their toes in that cool slimy green paint! It’s too bad I couldn’t get pictures of them being held up to carefully splat their cute little green toes onto paper and then Shortcake carrying them to the bathroom to wash their feet off before my house turned green! (my hallway wall does in fact have some lovely green toe prints now!) That was fun too!

I’m still not done though, I had one more big activity up my sleeve today!


Bouncy House! A warm & sunshiny day just screams out, let’s play on a bounce house! Or was I the only one that heard that this morning?? 🙂

We bought this cute little thing years ago for a birthday party and I just didn’t have the heart to get rid of it even though my kids are too big for it now. My two little kiddo’s I watch were beyond excited watching the whole thing lift up and come to life as it filled with air.

We spent the whole afternoon bouncing & laughing in the sunshine. (well, I was nice and comfy in my lawn chair watching!) In my defense…I’m too big for that thing!

Today I woke up with that feeling that I needed to make the day special. I didn’t really plan or prep, didn’t spend any money or think how I’m going to be more fun than the next mom. I woke up with a great attitude and a mission to have fun! I wanted to give all 5 kids today my undivided time and attention. Isn’t that what kids really want anyway? Things are fun and they certainly help entertain us but it’s the memories of being with people you enjoy that last! The little things like me holding them up and dipping their toes in paint…I would like to think that made those kids happy!

For me, if the kids are happy and entertained isn’t life easier? Isn’t it just the best when the kids are getting along and having a great time? Whether we are playing games  or building tents in our living room for a fun night in, that’s what I strive for. Those little moments that blend an entire day of wholesome fun & happiness. If that makes me a fun mom, then so be it! I’ve been called worse! – Trish Ann

Life must be lived to play – Plato


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