Monster High Girl Party!

Planning out a Monster High Party was one of the trickiest birthday parties I’ve ever done! Luckily, the Party Girls birthday is in November, right when all the stores are clearing all their Halloween Goodies! We bought nearly everything for pennies on the dollar!

I set up the long table, covered it with a Pink Table cloth, then a Halloween cover! It turned out great!


For the crafts, we purchased (at full price) those cute little miniature composition books and a TON of duck tape! The idea was the girls could make their own Monster High Journals. We also pre-cut Plastic Bottles (tutorial to follow soon!) for bracelet rings that they could also duct tape up! Fabulous!


As you can see the girls LOVED it! Here they are (above) working away!

Shortcake really loves science so I knew I had to make Monster Slime!!! (tutorial will follow soon!)


A little bit of science and a lot of FLARE! Everything has to be fun around here! Even the gross stuff! Ha! The girls were so impressed by the magic of making monster slime, it was a brilliant idea! (patting myself on the back!)

No Party is complete without food! I had absolutely no idea on cakes…what the heck kinda cake was I going to make?? I didn’t want to spend a fortune buying a pre-made one from the store….then it hit me like a ton of bricks!


Oh yes! And the best part was it didn’t cost me hardly anything! We made the batter from scratch then we splurged on those fancy pre-made bottles of icing to do the edges. I stenciled on the skulls and colored the bows in with blue gel icing. a few chocolate Sprinkles and it was awesome!

We also had, Halloween Shaped Marshmallows, Halloween themed ring pops, and of course, cupcakes!


Monsterific right??!! I thought so. We used some of our duct tape to decorate my otherwise bland cake stand, then we cut out the cute skull faces to tape on to it..and various other areas of the party. Very cute.

Enough candy & goodies? Nope! We needed more! I found some amazing little cookie cutters for about .10 each, on clearance, so I bought one of every shape. We didn’t use all of them but I figure I could always use them later!


Yup! Skulls & Bats! We decorated these the same way we did the cake…it took a while but it was worth the effort!

For music we made a playlist on Pandora of all the great Monster High Soundtracks, playing on the computer! (we plugged in extra speakers)

So there you have it! A Monsterific Monster High Party for a girl! I hope I inspired you to get out there and create your next fabulous birthday party! If you have a great Monster High Party, don’t forget to come back and tell me about it in the comments! I would love to see! – The Playologist Mom



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