A Blog is Born

Hi! I’m so glad you have stopped by! My name is Trish Ann! I’m a homeschooling mamma of 3 beautiful girls, Jellyfish  my oldest, Shortcake and Boogie, my baby. (Nicknames of course!) We live on a beautiful little 25 acre farm in rural Nebraska. My husband Sparkie works as a Chemical Applicator and I was employed by the local Public School as an After School Achievers Teacher, the K-1st class.

We own 4 horses, 12 chickens, 1 rabbit, 1 blue heeler & 3 Miniature Schnauzers! Wow, what a bunch right? We actually raise Miniature Schnauzers, just one litter a year but it is a true joy to get to play with all those puppies and meet fantastic animals lovers from all over!


So I’ve started this blog to be able to share our experiences, homemade things we make, cool home school experiments or resources we’ve found and probably when I have puppies I will share that too! Make sure you hit that follow button and be sure to re-pin the cool stuff! – Trish Ann


What do you think?

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